#wavesofinterviews TECNOMAC operates as a manufacturer of machines, moulds, equipment, robots and automatisms in general.

More than 200 people from 20 countries and 150 students have participated live in these workshops

More than 30 people attended this morning the BLUE Open Innovation webinar in the Mediterranean, organised by CEEI within the BLUE DEAL project.

BLUE DEAL has just launched this platform dedicated to the promotion of Blue Energy through a series of online and physical events, as an additional instrument of the project.

We make a summary of all the activities developed by the project since its creation

The event will be held online, on 12-15 April 2021

#wavesofinterviews Alfonso Abad is an Expert in Energy and Telecommunications and the Director of Bufete Abad, a law firm specialized in renewable energy since 1998.

A new opportunity for wave energy developers to advance their technology. Deadline is April 7, 2021.

#wavesofinterviews INSOLATIO is a Valencian SME that seeks contribute to improve the quality of life of their clients, through the efficient use of natural resources, adding value to society.

The participants expressed great interest for the presented tools as well as for the Transferring Lab organization.

In December last year, an international wave energy consortium launched the VALID project, a 5M€ EU-backed initiative focused on the development of a hybrid testing platform for ocean energy.

#wavesofinterviews Kuma Energy (KE) is an Italian start-up that develops projects to generate electricity from ocean waves with the lowest impact on the environment. In this interview, Ezio...

Since the beginning of year 2021, we have been entering the last decade allowed for the fulfillment of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) indicated in the United Nations Agenda 2030[1].

Despite COVID constraints, Europe confirmed a record amount of €26.3bn of investments in new offshore wind farms in 2020.

This Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for ocean energy outlines the priority research, development and innovation challenges that must be focused upon in the years ahead.

The €20 million European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) Blue Economy window call 2020 is now open.

In their quest to reduce the cost of wave and tidal energy technologies, the DTOceanPlus consortium have identified design software as a key stepping stone. The project’s results will help to decrease...

Renewable energy is essential for economic and sustainable development. In this regard, the seas and oceans are an abundant source of renewable energy (Blue Energy or Blue Energy -BE-).

Evaluation of EU renewable power generation & policy

Open for contributions until 7 December 2020

The communication team sat down for an interview with Mr. Frank Neumann, from Subtrophi, Grand Prix winner of the international Blue Business Plan Competition organized by MISTRAL!

Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy

The first BLUE DEAL Business Forum, the e-Blue Agora, ended with more than 520 attendees from 18 different countries

In his “Mediterranean Breviary” (1987), Predrag Matvejevic reports on characteristic traits of the landscape through a realistic writing. He just shows a simple taxonomy of Mediterranean identity...

- 7 blue energy technologies would be suitable to be implemented on the Albanian coasts - More than 70 people have attended this event conceived to increase the knowledge related to the possibilities...

To harness the endless opportunities for economic and social growth offered by the Mediterranean Sea, a number of challenges must be urgently addressed, including the current global crisis which, if...

On June 16th the first virtual testing Lab has been focused on Malta; 37 members of universities, sectoral agencies, business support organizations, SMEs, interest groups, and national public...